Thursday, 30 July 2015

Monastery in Paleokastritsa

I think the monastery in Paleokastritsa was one of my favourite places that we visited because it was just soooo pretty. After we'd been on a submarine trip in the morning we decided to head up the hill to the monastery which everyone had told us was a must see, and it was definitely a treck in the heat, but worth it for the views on the way up. Me, my mum and Katie were given handmade skirts and shawls to cover up as a mark of respect, which I think is my best OOTD to date on this blog ;-).

Everything was so picturesque, hence why I took a LOT of photos - and then it got even better when we kept spotting more and more little cats (me, my mum and sister are a bit obsessed), so many so it seemed like this gorgeous, tropical shrine for lil felines. Inside the monastery it was really beautiful and ornate, and the atmosphere was very serene.
Wonky bun for the win
Views from the monastery and on the way back down
Hope you enjoyed,
Em x

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