Thursday, 28 November 2013

Trend Mood Board - Androgynous (Trickle Down Theory)

For college in marketing we had to create a mood board for a trend we liked for A/W '13-14 and I decided to do the androgynous trend, simply because it's a trend I think is really interesting and I'm always intrigued to see how designers reinvent tomboy tailoring. For A/W '13-14, Stella McCartney's models walked down the runway in business pin stripes, oversized coats, and her signature chic minimalist shirt, trouser and blazer combo. However, on the contrary fitted suits and bow ties were seen on the Moschino catwalk, accessorized with elaborate earrings and chunky gold embellished shoes. I love the juxtaposition achieved between masculine silhouettes with feminine attributes, and not many trends can make you feel empowered, strong and as fashion forward as the androgynous look.

Androgynous dressing started off as a feminist statement, women chose to wear more masculine clothes as a way of expressing equality with men. Trousers began to be worn by women from the early 20th century, (see 'Bloomers' as part of the Suffrage Movement in my Victorian Garment Design post) but this was mainly due to the fact that when men went off to war in WW1, women took on the role of men and proved they could do the same jobs. After both World Wars, trousers were still common casual wear for women when gardening, socialising and in other activities.
The first tuxedo jacket for women was designed by Yves Saint Laurent in 1966, an item of clothing that was usually worn by high society business men. From then on designers have continued to adapt men's clothes to suit the female body, and their designs have inspired high street fashions for women making this trend a 'trickle down theory'.

What trends have you been wearing/plan to wear this Autumn/Winter? Feel free to comment :-)

Emily x

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