Monday, 23 June 2014

Collar to Cuff Project - Sketchbook Work


Long time no blog! Here is the majority of work from my sketchbook which includes the research and design process of creating 15 shirts, inspired by a theme for our final first year project. I chose 'oriental' as my theme, so I looked into Chinese and Japanese culture - taking influence from lanterns, Geisha, fans and traditional paintings. As the shirts could only be black and white, I wanted to make sure that all aspects of my shirts related back to my theme, so I also researched into types of collars and sleeves, and typically used mandarin collars and kimono sleeves.  Instead of having the shirts on figures which were straight up and down like in my last project, I came up with three poses inspired by traditional geisha dance, and looked at two illustrators Baiba Ladiga and J.Larkowsky, to help me illustrate my final boards. There are also pages on my designs for marketing, where we had to research and design a promotional bag for our final shirt.

Sorry for the bad quality of these pictures but I took these at like 1am on the day of my deadline when I remembered I needed to blog about it - forever last minute haha.

What do you think? Please comment :-)

Em x