Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Exploring Corfu Town

It's a grey, miserable day in Sheffield and I'm currently dealing with post holiday blues after just coming back from two weeks in beautiful Corfu. We stayed in Paleokastritsa (which has about five different spellings but I'm just going to stick with this one), and we took a trip into Corfu Town on the third day of our stay.

Corfu has a lot of history for a small island, with the town split into Old Corfu Town and New Corfu Town, each with their own fortress. Stalls and dinky little restaurants are in every nook and cranny, and Greek shopkeepers and waiters are everywhere you turn trying to entice you in, even making you a 'family' member - according to one restaurant owner my mum was his 'beautiful daught(er)' and me and my sister were his granddaught.

Here are a few photos I took around the town, it was extremely hot, nearing 40 degrees so after walking around we went into St Michaels & St George's Palace mainly because it was nice and cool but it also turned out to be quite interesting as there were a lot of pretty Asian art/artifacts. I always love learning about different cultures and the pieces that were on show at the palace would have been perfect research for the oriental themed shirt project I did in college, ah well!

Anyway hope you enjoy :-)

A sign outside a jewellery shop
Lunch at Europe - about 5lb of cheese on my pasta!
200/300 year old hand painted Chinese plate in the Palace
Decorative Japanese Geisha Combs
I promise I wasn't feeling as miserable as I look in this haha
Old Fortress

Em x

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