Tuesday, 18 February 2014

'Lazy Hazy Days' Illustration Project (Sketchbook and Final Design Boards)

So this is an illustation and marketing & promotion project I have been working on for 7 weeks or so and here is the work in my sketchbook researching three illustrators (Cedric Rivrain, Rene Gruau and Kelly Smith), a designer's S/S 14 collection from last season (mine had to be Christopher Kane's - possibly my favourite collection everrr) and their inspiration behind it (which then became our theme for our own collection). Since Kane's inspo was biology science lessons I looked at human anatomy and nature, I also looked at trends for S/S 2014 which were present in his collection - metallics, holographic, 'florals' (but reinvented) and cut outs (which I'll definitely be working into my own wardrobe as the weather gets *ahem* marginally warmer into spring). I also looked at fabrics for S/S and colours as well as creating a mood board for my theme and customer for my collection. Not going to lie my customer is basically who I hope to be in the future - living and working in london at a fashion magazine/designing/illustrating going to fashion events and all that jazz.
I then began designing from my research, using pictures of cells under a microscope and atom formation drawings as reoccuring prints throughout my collection. I also had to design and logo for my brand as well as a swing tag and packaging as marketing and promotion materials to go alongside my collection. I decided to use my intials, and incoporate a rose into my swing tag design, as well as make the acetate window on the bag like a petri dish with bateria as a background (all relating to my theme of nature).
I'm pretty happy with my final boards (at the end if you want to skip past the sketchbook stuff) although I didn't get to finish everything. I also apologise for the not so great photos but this has to be posted as part of college work so hey ho.

What do you think? Like my designs? Feel free to comment :-)
Em x x 


  1. I love your art!
    Very talented, and your work looks great!

    Such a cute blog!
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    Would love to stay in contact x


    1. Thanks so much! :-) I've followed, I really like your blog x