Saturday, 9 May 2015

Final Major Project - Inspiration and Primary Research

For my final project at college we had to write our own brief and choose a theme, so I chose to do 'Growth and Decay in Nature' because I felt there would be a lot of different elements to my theme which I could explore and design from.
My silver spray painted sheep skull which my uncle gave to me (not your typical 18th birthday present but I'd been after a decorative skull for my room for aaaages and I absolutely love it) proved to be the first object I photographed as a starting point for the project. I then took a series of photos from inside the conservatory in the Botanical Gardens in Sheffield of any plants that were in the process of blooming or decay which I found interesting - focusing on shapes and textures. I also had a look around Weston Park museum to see if I could find any animal skeletons/bones, however I hardly ended up taking any photos and the ones I did take I wasn't pleased with so didn't include them.

Em x

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