Sunday, 7 April 2013

Quick Ramble


So I haven't posted on here for aaaaaages, but I promise I will be in the next few days, as I have some packages to arrive, which I cannot wait for because it means I can do a proper styling post with them. :-)

Also, it's not because I've been very lazy but everything with school is a bit crazy at the minute what with deadlines and exams coming up, urghh.
I really can't believe I leave school next month; Y11 has gone so fast it's unreal! Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to leave but the thought of going off to college is a bit nerve wracking and right now everyone's realising just how much they'll miss school and everything.
The good news is when I do leave I'll have loads of time throughout summer to make clothes and blog before I start my courses in fashion & clothing and fine art at college. So, although I won't have the chance to blog a lot now and into exam time, expect plenty of posts afterwards!

Just thought I'd post a quick update for anyone who is interested in my blog. :-)

Hope you're having a lovely day
Em x

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